New Games

  • Hey Summer
    Play Free Hey Summer game

    Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy this hot puzzle game.
  • Up in the Sky
    Play Free Up in the Sky game

    Help the bird reach the mysterious stranger on another planet.
  • Viking Valor
    Play Free Viking Valor game

    You have to kaboom your way through Vikings, Viking tanks, Viking sorcerers, Viking bombs, and Viking... bats?
  • Blob's Story 2
    Play Free Blob's Story 2 game

    The bodacious blob is back in action and he\’s looking for love...
  • Mark of Darkness
    Play Free Mark of Darkness game

    Choose your fate and prepare to enter a massive online world filled with adventure.
  • Frantic Planes
    Play Free Frantic Planes game

    These monkeys are determined to protect their idol, but they need help from above...
  • Zombie Crusade
    Play Free Zombie Crusade game

    It's an epic TD game! Defend your kingdom against hordes of zombies.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery
    Play Free Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery game

    Who murdered poor Mr. T? Only you and the world famous detective can solve this baffling case.
  • Dream Hopper
    Play Free Dream Hopper game

    Wipe the sleep from your eyes and explore a dreamy world in this old-school adventure game.
  • Troll Tale
    Play Free Troll Tale game

    This troll is about to embark on an adventure. Maybe he\’ll encounter some real trolls during his travels?
  • Police Sniper Training
    Play Free Police Sniper Training game

    Think you\’ve got what it takes to become an elite sniper? Time to prove it...
  • Wolverine & the X-Men: Search & Destroy
    Play Free Wolverine & the X-Men: Search & Destroy game

    Magneto\’s up to no good again. Help Wolverine and the X-Men teach him a lesson he won\’t soon forget.
  • Papa's Pancakeria
    Play Free Papa's Pancakeria game

    The pancake business is flippin' tough!
  • City Siege Sniper
    Play Free City Siege Sniper game

    One gun, one goal: who's gonna come out alive?
  • Crazy Zombie Eschatology Hero
    Play Free Crazy Zombie Eschatology Hero game

    Humanity isn\’t going to save itself. Pick a hero and start clobbering some ghouls.
  • Monkey Go Happy Dragon
    Play Free Monkey Go Happy Dragon game

    Maybe a magical adventure will cheer up these super sad monkeys...
  • The Last Dinosaurs
    Play Free The Last Dinosaurs game

    What if I told you a few dinosaurs survived extinction?
  • El Dorado Deadly Trip
    Play Free El Dorado Deadly Trip game

    This treasure hunter has bitten off more than he can will he get home?
  • Snoring Before Time
    Play Free Snoring Before Time game

    This game is pretty dreamy but it\’s so fast-paced that it won\’t make you sleepy…
  • Zombie Riot
    Play Free Zombie Riot game

    The undead are creating all sorts of mayhem in this old-school action game. Time to take back the city!
  • Adam and Eve 2
    Play Free Adam and Eve 2 game

    Is this caveman still on a quest for love? Looks like it. Maybe you could lend him a hand?
  • Demon Destroyer
    Play Free Demon Destroyer game

    Demons have escaped from hell. Bring them back home!
  • Stunt Karts
    Play Free Stunt Karts game

    Here\’s a monkey who loves to drive fast. But can he handle these wild race tracks?
  • Titans Most Wanted
    Play Free Titans Most Wanted game

    The Titans are making a list and they\’re checking it twice. Better watch out if you\’re naughty and not nice!