New Games

  • Smart Pen
    Play Free Smart Pen game

    Use this magical pen to burst the bubbles. How many can you pop?
  • Plagueheart
    Play Free Plagueheart game

    An enchanted army is attacking the kingdom. Only you, and a whole lot of magic, can stop it.
  • Cluck-o-nauts
    Play Free Cluck-o-nauts game

    Someone put all of these chickens\’ eggs in outer space. Get ready to blast off and rescue them!
  • One More Line
    Play Free One More Line game

    How many circles can you make in this action-packed challenge?
  • Dino Panic: Adventures of Barog and Tora
    Play Free Dino Panic: Adventures of Barog and Tora game

    The good news: Barog\’s getting married. The bad news: he has to retrieve a relic before the ceremony begins.
  • Doodle God
    Play Free Doodle God game

    Feeling creative? This doodle-loving deity could use some help creating stuff for a whole new world.
  • Mad Burger 3: Wild West
    Play Free Mad Burger 3: Wild West game

    Even cowboys love a good burger but can you handle their big appetites? Hit the kitchen and find out.
  • Castellan
    Play Free Castellan game

    Many dangers await this brave knight. Good thing he brought a suit of armor with him...
  • Earn to Die 2012
    Play Free Earn to Die 2012 game

    The best way to kill zombies is to smash into them with a 4x4…
  • Super Santa Bomber
    Play Free Super Santa Bomber game

    This Santa could use an explosive boost this holiday season...
  • Zombie Tactics
    Play Free Zombie Tactics game

    These undead prisoners are causing all sorts of headaches for our heroes. Can you help them out?
  • Driving Force
    Play Free Driving Force game

    Jump behind the wheel of this squad car and go after some of the world\’s most dangerous gangs.
  • I Was on the Throne
    Play Free I Was on the Throne game

    A random computer update just catapulted you into a strange, new world. How will you get back home?
  • Nitro Maniacs
    Play Free Nitro Maniacs game

    These crazy races will be a true test of your driving skills….and sanity. Think you can handle ‘em?
  • Cowaboom: Xmas
    Play Free Cowaboom: Xmas game

    These cows aren\’t just mad, they\’re furious. Join them for a Christmas rampage you\’ll never forget...
  • Grapple Cat
    Play Free Grapple Cat game

    A huge wave is going to wipe out this kitty unless you move quickly!
  • Revenge Dojo
    Play Free Revenge Dojo game

    Oh no! Someone kidnapped all the kids at the orphanage. Time to rescue them, ninja style!
  • Failman: The Man Who Fails
    Play Free Failman: The Man Who Fails game

    Have no fear, Failman is here! Actually, you should probably be afraid. He\’s not too good at his job...
  • Monster Clicker
    Play Free Monster Clicker game

    Have you got what it takes to assemble the ultimate monster squad?
  • Rail of Death 2
    Play Free Rail of Death 2 game

    Another round of perils await you in this gold mine but you can handle ‘em, right?
  • Hover Havoc
    Play Free Hover Havoc game

    Get ready to make some waves! How quickly can you destroy the blue boat?
  • Gift Rush
    Play Free Gift Rush game

    Wrap all flies as a present for the girlfriend of the cute little spider.
  • Aliens Go Home
    Play Free Aliens Go Home game

    Get the alien in the box to send him home and save the planet!
  • Robots Initiate Work Sequence
    Play Free Robots Initiate Work Sequence game

    These robots are ready for work—they just need orders!