New Games

  • Carrot Defense
    Play Free Carrot Defense game

    A bunch of nasty critters think they can steal this bunny\’s carrot? Not if she has anything to say about it!
  • A Blob's Tale 3
    Play Free A Blob's Tale 3 game

    The bodacious blob is back in action and this time his son is tagging along...
  • Epic Fall
    Play Free Epic Fall game

    Jack Hart took a bit of a tumble during his latest tomb raid. Can you help him get back home in one piece?
  • Disaster Will Strike 4
    Play Free Disaster Will Strike 4 game

    All of these monstrous eggs are really getting annoying. Could you smash them to bits?
  • Catapon
    Play Free Catapon game

    Take control of this catapult and see how many of the enemy\’s towers you can destroy.
  • Chocolate Cupcake Maker
    Play Free Chocolate Cupcake Maker game

    Baking cupcakes from scratch is incredibly fun. Here\’s a game that will show you how to do it.
  • Family Rush
    Play Free Family Rush game

    An evil monster has kidnapped this family\’s new baby. Now it\’s time to get him back...
  • Candy Thieves
    Play Free Candy Thieves game

    Someone has stolen all of these kitties\’ candy. Who could have done this?
  • Outer Invasion
    Play Free Outer Invasion game

    This UFO is on a mission to zap as many soldiers as possible. Take that, humans!
  • Awesome Run
    Play Free Awesome Run game

    How far will you make it down this crazy race track? There\’s lots of hazards between you and the finish line.
  • Brutal 2: Mr. Bubbles
    Play Free Brutal 2: Mr. Bubbles game

    This bouncing bubble is off on another adventure. Can you help make sure that he doesn\’t get popped?
  • First Aid: Animal Bites
    Play Free First Aid: Animal Bites game

    This girl was just bitten by a feisty fox. Let\’s treat her injuries and fast!
  • Flippin' Dead
    Play Free Flippin' Dead game

    These zombies just messed with the wrong bear...
  • Switch Bot
    Play Free Switch Bot game

    This little robot is stranded on a strange planet. How will he ever get home? With your help, of course!
  • Love Burger
    Play Free Love Burger game

    The customers at this cafe can be really demanding. Can you make this one happy before he trashes the place?
  • Cute Persian Kitty
    Play Free Cute Persian Kitty game

    This fabulous feline loves fashion. Help her pick out an awesome ensemble.
  • Tropical Ice Tycoon
    Play Free Tropical Ice Tycoon game

    Have you got what it takes to turn this refreshment stand into a huge success?
  • Zombie Fight Club
    Play Free Zombie Fight Club game

    Looks like the zombies have started a fight club. Pick out an undead fighter and start throwing some punches.
  • Spitter
    Play Free Spitter game

    These annoying animals just messed with the wrong guy. It\’s time for him to give them a very spitty surprise.
  • Retroacan
    Play Free Retroacan game

    This city has been turned into a retro video game. Now it\’s up to Neek and his friends to save the day.
  • Chasseur furtif
    Play Free Chasseur furtif game

    Qui dit missions spéciales, dit forces spéciales. À toi de rejoindre cette unité d'intervention d'élite !
  • Mahayana Temple
    Play Free Mahayana Temple game

    Shinshi is looking to create the perfect tribute for his dearly departed teacher. Where should he begin?
  • Stacker War
    Play Free Stacker War game

    The orcs think they can conquer your kingdom in no time flat. You\’re not going to let that happen, are you?
  • Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack
    Play Free Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack game

    This relaxing cruise just took a very creepy and creamy turn for the worse....